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Meet The Team


Dr. Elizabeth
Di Russo Case

Role: Principal Investigator

I fell in love with intracellular bacteria in graduate school. I've been chasing pathogens all around the US, from California, to Montana, to Texas, and now here in Wyoming. It's been an adventure.

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Leslie Sims

Role: Laboratory Technician, MS student

Leslie joined the team in February of 2021. She has been integral to setting up the lab and keeping things running smoothly.

In between her lab management tasks, Leslie is currently working on our Development and Infection Project.


Sylvia Thiong'o

Role: Graduate Researcher (PhD)


Sylvia joined the lab in January 2022. Sylvia is interested in defining the molecular determinants of Coxiella pathogenesis. Currently, her research is focused on the cell wall integrity project.

parker gp.jpg

Parker GrandPre

Role: Graduate Researcher (PhD)

Parker joined the lab in May 2023. Parker is also working on the cell wall integrity project, by investigating the role of a lipid biosynthetic gene in Coxiella pathogenesis.


Madison Davis

Image by Eka P. Amdela

Maren Anderson

Role: Undergraduate Researcher

Maren joined the lab in May 2022. She is also majoring in microbiology and lending her help to cloning a gene deletion construct to support our cell wall integrity project.

Image by Satheesh Sankaran

Kathryne Carrier

Role: Undergraduate Researcher

Kathryne joined the team in May 2022. Kathryne is majoring in Microbiology. She has been trying her hand at molecular cloning in an effort to create a Coxiella gene deletion construct with her fellow labmate Maren Anderson.

Kennedy Heninger.png

Kennedy Heninger

Role: Undergraduate Researcher

Kennedy is part of a serosurveillance project in which we are looking at the prevalence of infectious causes of arbortion among big horn sheep of Wyoming. Her project is the result of a collaoration with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Role: Graduate Researcher (MS)

Madison joined the lab in May 2021 as an INBRE research intern.  She graduated in May 2022 with a BS in Microbiology. She's now pursuing her MS in Animal and Veterinary Science at the University of Wyoming researching Chronic Wasting Disease.

Image by Trnava University


The Di Russo Case Lab is always looking for some fresh talent.

If you are interested in scientific research, especially working at the host-pathogen interface, or even just digging into basic bacterial physiology, don't be afraid to reach out. We may have an opportunity for you!

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